Neunbar Story

Although I have always been passionate about cafe, I only got my first proper portafilter espresso machine a week before the Corona lockdown started (best timing).

It wasn't until then that I realized that even if I had the machine, it didn't mean that I would have an amazing espresso. I started to study everything and grew a passion for trying out various tools. I realized that there was a need for a more user friendly tools for people like me - who didn't have a ton of experience. I also wanted a tool that was visually more appealing and premium. Some months in, and many good but also disappointing espressi later, I felt there is a need for more user friendly, yet premium barista tools that you really want to see & use every day. The idea for Neunbar (German for nine bar) was born and 15+ prototypes and lots of user feedback later we produced 50 Crown & Rook models. Exciting times!