We want to create innovative barista tools that you really love spinning and looking at every day. For people who are passionate about coffee and want to get with consistent espresso shots.

+NEW+ Rolling Pawns

Our new beautiful single-dosing product.

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Spot the difference?

The same water, the same coffee, and exactly 18g for both shots. While the right one flows beautifully, the left one shows channeling and its lighter colour indicates that the coffee is underextracted.

For the left espresso we didn't use any distribution tool and tamped just slightly uneven. The difference is striking.

Premium materials

Our marvelous Ovangkol wood is beautifully manufactured by a German company in Bremen with maximum attention to details. A Berlin company produces the highly polished stainless steel parts of us.

We wanted to create tools that are not slippery and feel great to spin. Our wide ring with finger gaps feels comfortable with small and large hands.

About Neunbar

Although I have always been passionate about cafe, I only got my first proper portafilter espresso machine a week before the Corona lockdown started (best timing).

It wasn't until then that I realized that even if I had the machine, it didn't mean that I would have an amazing espresso. I started to study everything and grew a passion for trying out various tools. I realized that there was a need for a more user friendly tools...

Our Story

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  • From Berlin

    Startup from Berlin, Germany. Our products are produced in small batches.

  • Shipments within a day

    We ship within a day to the European Union, UK, US, Australia & NZ. To Germany it's free, see shipping details for other countries.

  • Consistent shots

    Consistent espresso quality by standardizing your workflow and maximizing extraction.