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The Crown - Distributor

The Crown - Distributor

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The Crown is a beautifully designed premium distribution tool. Its wedge shape distributes the coffee in the basket and creates a compressed and even surface - making it much easier to give it a slight tamp afterwards.


The body is produced of Anondized Aluminium and/or Wood.

The wedge is made of stainless steel, produced in Berlin.

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The diameter of the wedge is 58.45mm. It fits any 58mm standard basket (e.g. Rocket, ECM etc.) or 58.5mm precision basket (e.g. IMS, VST)

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V-shaped distributor

It was shown that the v-shape of the distributor removes air pockets better than competing products with the "wheel" design.

Common questions

Common questions

Should I still tamp after leveling?

We would still recommend to give it a quick tamp. However, there are people only using a distributor, without the tamping step.

Can I adjust the depth?

Yes you can. You can easily adjust the depth and then lock this setting.

How deep should I set the distributor?

If you see a v-shape in the coffee after using the tool, the depth is set to deep and you should set it a bit lower.
The scale helps you to remember your setting.

Why bother with an extra step?

A distributor is one factor in the quotation to get a great espresso. It won't magically get great espresso out of poor coffee beans. However, it helps to achieve consistent results so that you can focus on the grinder setting, the beans and other factors.

Where is it produced?

The wood is produced in collaboration with a local company in Bremen, Germany. The v-shaped leveler with the premium polished surface is produced in Berlin. The anonidized aluminium pieces we currently get from a partner in China, but eventually also want to produce these aluminium parts in Europe - at the moment we are still too small for most firms offering this.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent production

Since I use the distributor I have no need for tamping anymore. It build quality en feel is sublime.

Great tool!

We use the crown at our 3 Cafes in Tel Aviv it's great!

Fantastic tool

I love the Crown.

I got the wood version, which has an excellent finish. In general, the Crown has a really premium feel to it because of the high quality materials.

It does a great job and it’s been a noticeable upgrade from my old distributor.