Supported needles

Supported needles 

Generally we support any standard 3D printer cleaning needles or acupuncture needles that you can find on Amazon or Aliexpress. 

If you are unsure if the needles you want to buy or already have fit, just reach out me and I am happy to help! 

Needle Diameter

We support needles up to a diameter of 0.4mm. The tool comes with 0.35mm needles, we got the best results with these. However you could also use your  0.25mm, 0.3mm or 0.4mm needles. 

If you use 0.4mm needles, you shouldn't spin the tool too fast as coffee might get pushed to the outsides. 

Needle Head 


Make sure you get needles with the look of the first needle in the image. The other ones won't fit as their head is too wide & long. 

Needle Length

To make sure that all needles have the same length and have no pointy tips, you should cut the needles to a total of 66.5mm (needle head = 30mm ; rest = 36.5mm).

Example: This aliexpress shop sells acupuncture needles in all kind of lengths and diameters. Make sure you choose the longest ones (75mm) and cut the needle off at 66.5mm. 

Length of acupuncture needles on aliexpress shops