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The Rook - WDT Tool

The Rook - WDT Tool

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The Rook is a new approach to WDT. It resolves coffee clumps effectively with just a few spins. Our ergonomic handle makes spinning an absolute joy.


The body is produced of Anondized Aluminium and/or Wood.

The plate with the logo is made of stainless steel, produced in Berlin.

Shipping & Returns

We ship to the European Union and selected other coutnries. Details


It fits any 58mm standard basket (e.g. Rocket, ECM etc.) or 58.5mm precision basket (e.g. IMS, VST)

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Few spins and you break up all your clumbs, resulting in better extraction. And let's be honest, it's also deeply satisfying to see this fluff...

The needles are thin, replacable & have harmless tips.

Despite other WDT tools that you spin, our needles are much thinner, which preform much better at breaking up tiny coffee clumbs.
Further, you can easily replace needles and the needles that we ship come with rounded tips - no accidents in the kitchen!

How does it compare?

We wanted to create a tool that has the performance of a manual WDT Tool Stirrer and the convenience of the Duomo spinning method.

Common questions

Can I set the depth of the needles?

Yes you can!
The tool offers four different depth settings (14g, 16g, 18g & 20g baskets).
You simply remove the two screws at the bottom of the tool and then you can choose between the four settings. (see video at the bottom of this page)

Can I replace the needles myself?

Absolutely, it is very easy to do that in case a needle breaks.

Which needles can I use?

Supported needles 

Generally we support any standard 3D printer cleaning needles or acupuncture needles that you can find on Amazon or Aliexpress. 

If you are unsure if the needles you want to buy or already have fit, just reach out me and I am happy to help! 

Needle Diameter

We support needles up to a diameter of 0.4mm. The tool comes with 0.35mm needles, we got the best results with these. However you could also use your  0.25mm, 0.3mm or 0.4mm needles. 

If you use 0.4mm needles, you shouldn't spin the tool too fast as coffee might get pushed to the outsides. 

Needle Head 


Make sure you get needles with the look of the first needle in the image. The other ones won't fit as their head is too wide & long. 

Needle Length

To make sure that all needles have the same length and have no pointy tips, you should cut the needles to a total of 66.5mm (needle head = 30mm ; rest = 36.5mm).

Example: This aliexpress shop sells acupuncture needles in all kind of lengths and diameters. Make sure you choose the longest ones (75mm) and cut the needle off at 66.5mm. 

Length of acupuncture needles on aliexpress shops



Do I need the base station?

It's optional. You can also place the tool upside-down as shown in one the pictures. Personally, I use the tool without the base.

Which needles come with the Standard and Bonus set?


15 needles:

15 x 0.35mm


24 needles:

24 x 0.35mm

Does it work with 53mm baskets?

This tool only works with 58 - 58.5mm baskets.

However, please contact me if you are interested in a 53mm version, I have some designs ready where I would like your feedback :)

There are 12 holes, but only 10 needles by default - why?

We wanted to give users the flexibility to try their own setups and make experiments.

In most scenarios (coffee, humidity, grinder) we see the best results with 10 needles wherefore we ship it like that. The missing two needles are added on top to the number of ordered replacement needles. Hence, If you order it with 3 extra needles, you get 5 extra needles

How fast and often should I spin the tool?

We recommend three, four spins in one direction, and then 1 spin in the opposite direction.

Not too fast, now too slow.


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Nuno Batista
Great product!

The Rook worked as expected and advertised, it made my workflow easier and coffee results predictable! It’s made to last and shows great craftsmanship in all details. Great support. Highly recommended!

Fabrice Bonargent
Excellent !

Parfait. Super service. Livraison parfaite et qu’elle belle qualité d’outil. C’est parfait !

Walter Leemput
Very good quality!

The WDT tool came in a professional case. The quality is very good. Very precise fabricated Anodized aluminum with solid wood. Needles are adjustable for thé portafilter. It was al preset when I received it. Great product👍

Michal Vechter
Best tool ever!

Working perfectly, increased the quality of the final product! Fast delivery, personalised note nice package. Recommended! Worth every cent!

Patrick Henkel
The only tool you need!

I bought for the comparison with the Duomo from Korea. But the Rook does a much greater job. The puck gets every time perfect. I love how easy it is to handle. Good quality and different needle sizes. It will be the only tool you will need to make a perfect Espresso Distribution I will promise you! As a Barista that does the Job for years. The is nothing else that makes the Job so Good as the Rook. Thank you so much guys.

Additional Needles

Your Rook already comes with needles. If you want to order addtitional 0.35mm needles from us now or in the future, this is the link.

Video: Changing the depth of needles