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Rolling Pawns - Single Dosing Glasses + RDT

Rolling Pawns - Single Dosing Glasses + RDT

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Our Rolling Pawns single-dosing glasses feature elegance and function. Store up to 25g of your favorite coffee in each of the five glasses, and enjoy the beautiful Ovangkol wood produced in Germany. Plus, the included WDT spray bottle helps prevent static while grinding. A great combo for coffee lovers!


The Ovangkol wood is produced in Bremen, Germany.

5 glasses + 1 glass spray bottle

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It's 8cm wide and around 32cm long.

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Easy & fast to fill.

No annoying funnel needed to fill your glasses. You are done in seconds.

Filled in a little bit too much? Easily take out few beans with the hand - no need to turn the glass upside down.

Wide opening. From the Coffee bag directly into the containers. Each container can hold up to 25g (+/- 2g).

You will love the sound

Have you used a marble run as a kid? Then you will love this. Start your espresso workflow with a satisfying "ping" (is that how glass on wood sound is written?!)

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Urban Rednak

Rolling Pawns - Single Dosing Glasses + RDT